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“What an OUTSTANDING experience, Dr. Manchester and his crew are professional in all ways. Front office staff friendly and courteous always. Final results are GREAT after extractions, implants, and bone grafts!!”Paul R. 12/18/2018

Dr. Lawton, considering my unusually difficult situation, and the wonderful outcome you achieved, I’m confident you could solve any problem for anybody. Your patience, knowledge, skill, and aesthetics certainly equals art! I will highly recommend you to anyone. Thank you so much, and know I am forever grateful. Thanks to your staff, as well, for being so kind and caring.Myrna

Many happy returns of the day! (a fittingly magnificent salutation used by the loving & generous bear named… Pooh). Here I am in Dr. Lawton’s office yesterday with my completed smile….delighted, overjoyed, thankful, humbled, confident & knowing that I am worthy of this miracle. Two & a half years ago when I first met Dr. Lawton, I was none of these things & in their place, I was scared, depressed, overwhelmed, ashamed, sick & in pain. Dr. Lawton & his incredible staff have patiently held my hand through tears, incessant questions, panic attacks, demanding standards of inhuman perfection & my generally eccentric, obnoxious but hilarious personality like seasoned mental health professionals. They have seen me at my very worst & continued to offer gentle & loving support with unbelievable patience & humanity. It is not too much to say that I love them because I do! They have changed my life just like many of you have in a similar fashion albeit a less technical one. I am so incredibly grateful for the generous, empathetic, loving & supportive encouragement that continues to flow into my heart…filling a great empty void that years of isolation, fear & shame had left within me. I had lost more than my teeth, a great deal more. You are my angels & champions & I thank God for you all every day. You have lifted me up again & again, reminding me of my own value & the beauty & goodness in others. I hope some day to help another desperate & broken soul navigate their way through a similar dental restoration. There truly are no words yet conceived to convey my gratitude & appreciation for the miracle you have collectively given me. Thank you & may the Lord bless & keep you. With the Greatest AffectionLisa 

I was referred to Dr. Lawton by another dentist with the remark, “I believe he is the only one that could make you dentures that would work for you”. Also, he said, “He is the one that teaches us”. Dr. Lawton recognized that I had grown “balls” on the back of my upper jaw bone. I had surgery to correct the jaw.
I can eat anything with this set of dentures. I am completely happy with my teeth. You walk on water in the denture world. Thank you.

Dear Dr. Lawton, I appreciate everything you’ve done on my behalf that has resulted in a very natural smile. Thank you for listening to my many and ongoing concerns and anxiety over all these long years. During this time, you (and your staff) have treated me with patience, respect and care.
I am SO happy I finally bit the bullet and trusted you and your skill. The actual process was pretty painless. I have had far fewer headaches. Creating a stable foundation for my bite has really paid off. No mean feat. I am no longer ashamed of my smile. These new crowns look wonderful – totally natural; a big thank you also to your gifted lab guy. I will be thinking of you the rest of my life…usually when looking in the mirror. Thank you!!

Dr. Lawton has simply changed my life. Having no smile for most of my life, I always wondered what a smile would look like and feel like. Having accepted that would never happen for me, I learned to smile crooked. Along with a mumbling problem, I just felt like giving up, then a friend got tired of seeing me suffer and lent me the money. Dr. Lawton and everyone in his office made me feel special. It took one day, and I saw my new smile. I’m a 240 lb. body builder, but it brought a tear to my eye. I now walk proud and confident and will never look back. Thank you, Dr. Lawton for my new and happy life. Will

Dr. Lawton, I wish to express my gratitude to you and your staff for the professional care and concern shown when I arrived late Thursday in pain. You had a few choices: send me home for the weekend, have me return on Friday or staying late. Gladly you and four of your staff stayed into their weekend to resolve my issue. I hope that you and your staff take a moment to enjoy the reward. I do appreciate the effort that you all give every time I’m in your office, and I will speak highly of your practice whenever the subject arises.Charles

Dear Dr. Lawton and staff, thank you, thank you. I am a 76-year-old woman, and I have had dentures since I was 21 years old. I now have a complete set of implants in my upper and lower jaw. I have a very complicated mouth and the implants are wonderful. I am as thrilled today as I was the day they were placed in my mouth. I thank Dr. Lawton and his staff for the care I was given. My teeth are my pride and joy. Thank you. Myrna

I just wanted to thank everyone there for being so kind. Dr. Lawton gave me back a perfect smile – he does perfect work.Maylene

Dear Dr. Lawton, I have been searching for a dentist for a few years now. Having moved from Colorado, leaving a dentist I’d seen for nearly thirty years, I was anxious to find someone who might take his place. While I didn’t have any huge issues, I did have some significant enamel loss that was making my teeth awfully sharp on all biting surfaces and pitted everywhere else. I had another dentist do a small composite repair about six to eight months ago, but the job was poorly done, didn’t match my tooth color, and began chipping away in less than six months. I was not interested in having him do any more work I needed, and I was worried about the continuing deterioration. Meanwhile my husband has been seeing Dr. David Mathews in Tacoma for periodontal cleanings and has been very happy with him, so we asked for a referral and he gave us glowing reviews of Dr. Lawton. I have been in to Dr. Lawton’s office three times now and am very happy. The biggest thing for me is the composite restoration work. In one appointment, Dr. Lawton changed everything for me. He made me feel finally that I found someone who pays attention to what I am concerned about and has done beautiful work. When I run my tongue over the surfaces of my teeth, it feels good! He matched the color so perfectly it’s impossible to see anything has been done. We’re not totally done with the process, but he won my complete trust. I am so happy to have found him. As a bonus, all of the staff at his office are friendly, attentive and professional. I look forward to a long-term relationship with Dr. Lawton and everyone in his office. SincerelyMichele

 I appreciate Dr. Lawton’s excellent work and meticulous attention to detail. Both he and DeLynn provide friendly, excellent service. Ruthann and the office staff are very courteous and friendly.Pete

 Dear Dr. Lawton, I’m sorry I cried when you showed me the needle. I know I’ve done this before, but I still remember how my cheek hurt afterward. You’re a good cavity fixer person. It didn’t hurt that much. You’re a very good guy. You’re like the best doctor a girl could ever have. Will you forgive me for crying? P.S. I was scared…and…that’s why I cried. Love Maya (Age 8)

Dr. Lawton and staff, I just wanted to say, I thank you for all you have done for me. Without your help, I would have never been able to get my kidney. I tell everyone I know about Dr. Lawton and how great he is. The way you helped me, I can’t thank you enough. My health is so much better now than before. Sherri

I heartily endorse the customer care offered by Dr. Lawton and his efficient and friendly team. My teeth are in the process of metamorphosis thanks to the excellent skills of Dr. Lawton. I for one am most grateful and appreciative of the fine results accomplished to date. Carolyn

Dr. Lawton and staff, just a little note to say thank you for how professional I was treated in your office. More than being professional is the fact that you all had a smile and kind voice to greet me. Most of us are nervous when seeing the dentist, you all had a part in making me feel calm, even when things didn’t go exactly perfect. My family nickname is “Perfect Patty”, I told my family all is well, as Dr. Lawton gave me the perfect implant, so I’m still perfect?? I know it is your job, but an extra Thank You, always feels good. So, thank you all!Patty

Dear Dr. Lawton & Staff, I would like to thank you for changing my smile and my life. Thanks to you for being so friendly and caring. I will be sure to spread the word to everyone, about my transformation to a healthy, happy person. Thank you.Montie

Dear Dr. Lawton, there is a smile on me because of you. Once again, I want you to know how much I appreciated the time you, and your staff spent helping me. Your honesty in discussing the care I received at another clinic speaks volumes about your integrity. You Sir, in my opinion, are a true professional. Thank you all. Douglas

Having a confident smile doesn’t come just from beautiful “looking” teeth, it comes from functioning and fitting perfectly.

In the past I have passed on weekend getaways because of wearing dentures. Having to use glue/adhesive becomes messy and is not always comfortable when sharing a bathroom with a group of girls. I now have the freedom to enjoy those weekends without worry or embarrassment, I too can pick up a tooth brush and brush away with the rest of them! Who knew brushing your own teeth could be so fun.

I am so amazed at the difference I feel when I look in the mirror, sit down to eat, or simply sit across from a friend and have a conversation. Doing all of these without worry of my teeth slipping or feeling uncomfortable has been a freedom which has made it possible to really enjoy my new teeth, I have a truly confident smile thanks to Dr. Lawton and his awesome staff.

It is not always comfortable working with a stranger on such a personal level, however, Dr. Lawton and his staff made me feel so welcome, like being surrounded by friends I just hadn’t met yet.

If anyone wanted to truly do something for themselves that is life changing and worth every moment spent in Dr. Lawton’s chair (painlessly I might add), I would recommend starting with your smile.

Smiling Confidently! – Jodie

Dear Dr. Lawton and staff, I appreciate your excellent work and dedicated efforts in giving me a beautiful smile. Your combined skills and knowledge and willingness to successfully complete a very difficult and non-routine task created something that I will appreciate all of my life. Thank you all. Betty

My Dental Journey

Over the past couple of years, I’ve been on an incredible dental and emotional journey to acquire a healthy and beautiful smile. From receding gums to root canals, missing teeth to crooked teeth, mine was a complicated case. Dr. Lawton and his very capable and loyal staff were with me every step of the way and even made weekend phone calls after the more severe visits. After initial meetings and discussions to chart a course, Dr. Lawton progressed with precision and perfection. I felt confident and really did not experience a lot of pain, even though some of the long sessions for implants and crowns were tedious and a bit traumatic! Suzie and DeLynn helped keep up my spirits, and I want to thank them for their support and dedication. Dr. Lawton and Alf are artisans and crafted beautiful teeth that I admire in the mirror every chance I get. I highly recommend Dr. Lawton and his team for a superior and complete prosthodontic experience.

Smiling brightly and happily – Karen

Dr. Lawton, a special thanks to you for helping me with my denture. I am forever grateful. You are the best! From a thankful heart. Sophie

I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Lawton and his team in the reconstruction of my dental work. Dr. Lawton not only performed a dental implant, but recapped all of my front teeth in a very short time, resulting in my new beautiful smile…and just in time for my daughter’s wedding photos!

Dr. Lawton and his able associates provide painless dentistry, great personalities, and are very professional. They work with you and for you, giving you what you want. Thank you team! – Vada

Dr. Lawton, you and your team have created a miracle in my mouth. It feels so good, and I can smile! With every visit, your team treated me like a queen. The professionalism and empathy of you and your staff is unparalleled in my experience of years of working with doctors and medical clinics. Thanks again. Monica

Dr. Lawton and staff, thank you so very much for your excellent and professional care. Your staff were always happy to see me and made me feel so comfortable. Patricia

Dear Dr. Lawton, thank you very much for your splendid work on my implants and my new denture – and for your kind and thoughtful personal attention. Also, a heartfelt thank you as well to your staff; they are always so warm and gracious. It’s so reassuring to know that you – and they – are there when I need you. Gratefully Ray

Dear Dr. Lawton, each day I think of you and am grateful for your expertise in fitting my bridge. It is a perfect fit and I forget I am wearing it. Your staff was so helpful and courteous. Thank you again and again! Sincerely Virginia

Dr. Lawton and staff, thank you all for the patience and kindness and awesome work you did on my teeth. It will help me in the future, maybe more than I realize now!Sally

Dr. Lawton, some fifty years ago most of my teeth were pulled with lots of pain and problems. Then I walked into your office and with your superb skills, integrity and kindness, you restored my ability to smile without embarrassment and eat without pain. For that, I cannot thank you and your beautiful staff enough. Marge

Dear Doctor Lawton, thank you so much for the terrific job you did on my dentures. They fit perfect. You have a wonderful skill. We are very fortunate to have you in this area. Having a good dentist is definitely one of our priorities. Keep up the good work. Thank you. Sincerely Carol

Dr. Lawton and staff, I am no longer self-conscious to smile, and it has been a journey of at least eight months to achieve this. I did not realize how serious a problem I had until I walked through Dr. Lawton’s door, who I might add was highly recommended by a friend. Over the months, as I learned, I asked more, and he answered every question no matter how silly it may have seemed with honesty and clarity. In fact, it is fun picking his brain! Dr. Lawton has a passion for what he does; every tooth and/or set of teeth created is an art piece with its contours, color, shape and character. It is rare to find a master in the field that loves what he does and aspires to give you his best. The staff is fantastic, from the moment at reception to the dentist’s chair, to the laboratory. It is a team, all staff members facilitate and support you and each other, and you just know that you are in the best care that Washington can offer. I have recommended many people to Dr. Lawton and staff because they are the ala crème in dentistry and professionalism. Thank you! Sheridan

Dear Dr. Lawton & Staff, may the happiness you bring to others be returned to you. Thank you.Carol

Dr. Lawton and Staff, thank you for the wonderful work that you have done for me. Also, all the nurses and office staff are so professional, very nice and helpful. I am impressed with your kindness and patience. Thank you very much.Tam